Just One More! Cover Art

These fantastic cover illustrations for the Los Angeles Press Photographers Association annual publication titled Just One More!, were created by the award-winning sports and editorial cartoonist Karl Hubenthal (1917-1998). Hubenthal illustrated the covers for Just One More from its inaugural issue in 1954 until 1968. 

Images are via Bradley J. Gake's flickr and XGB Design. For more about Just One More! and Hubenthal click here. Check out Karl Hubenthal's tribute site here. Syracuse University also has a collection of Hubenthal items, here.

Contemporary Home featuring Jean Prouvé

I normally do not post about contemporary homes, but there are exceptions to every rule. In this case I am making an exception because of the Neutra-esc architecture and great collection of mid-century furniture by Jean Prouvé, Poul Kjaerholm and Serge Mouille that adorn this home.  This San Mateo County, California house designed by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson was completed in 2007.

The seating area below the painting features Jean Prouvé pieces, including a couple of Visiteur armchairs, which according to both Wright and Phillips de Pury Auctions were originally designed in 1941-42 for the Salvoy Hospital (a few variations of this chair were created, these appear to be Model 350 chairs produced c. 1948-1952). Also pictured in the seating area is a Serge Mouille lamp, a Prouvé Cité lounge chair and a Free-form table designed by Prouvé and Charlotte Perriand c. 1953-56.

Prouvé Visiteur lounge chair Model 350. via Wright Auctions

This appears to be a sketch of the Visiteur chair or version of it known as the Visiteur Kangourou chair. Via

Free-Form coffee table by Prouvé and Perriand, c. 1953-56.

The Cité lounge chair, originally designed for a competition to furnish the student residence halls at the University of Nancy, France, c. 1930, was even used in the Prouvé's own home. Picture is a Vitra reproduction.

Here is another Prouvé sketch of what looks to be the Cité lounge chair. via Centre Pompidou

Prouvé seated in a Cité lounge chair. Photo: Bibliothèque Kandinsky

Serge Mouille single arm standing floor lamp as pictured in the homes seating area. via Rewire

The dining area features Prouvé chairs as well; there were a few versions of these chairs produced, but I believe those pictured are early Demountable No. 300 side chairs (a version of this chair is sometimes referred to as the "Caféteria Chair" for its use in the Cafeteria des Arts et Metiers at the Cité Internationale Universitaire in Paris).  The dining table pictured in the home is a very rare Prouvé Compas work table.  

Prouvé Demountable chair, Model 300, c.1947. via Galarie Half

This appears to be an early sketch of the Demountable, Model 300 chair. via Centre Pompidou

Rare Jean Prouvé Compas work table. via Dorotheum Auctions

Serge Mouille lamps everywhere

 Mouille 3-arm standing floor lamp. via Guéridon

Mouille 2-arm rotating sconce. via Guéridon

For more photos and information about the home see the original post on Home DSGN. Photos: Nic LeHoux.

Viktor Schreckengost: America's DaVinci

Reeds and Horn, watercolor. via Aspire Auctions

Award-winning American industrial designer, sculptor and artist, Viktor Schreckengost (1906-2008) has been called America's DaVinci due to his far-reaching and prolific career. Viktor's creativity was encouraged at a young age by his father who would bring home material from the ceramics factory where he worked, asking Viktor and his siblings to compete in weekly sculpture contests. He graduated from the Cleveland School of the Arts (Cleveland Institute of Art) in 1929 and went on to teach industrial design at the school for over 50 years. Some of his most notable students became top designers at Ford Motors and Fisher-Price.

 Housing Development, c. 1954, watercolor. via Heritage Auctions

Still Life of Bottles, watercolor. via Heritage Auctions 

Cityscape. via Cityzenart

Moroccan Lute, 1934. via Cleveland Arts Foundation 

 Pottery and Light, 1947. via Aspire Auctions

In 1955-56 Shreckengost sculpted two massive ceramic relief murals, Mastadon and Mammoth for the exterior walls of the Cleveland Zoo's Pachyderm Building. The pieces were removed in 2008 to be reinstalled near the zoo's entrance. The sculptures were created from 32 tons of terra cotta and measure 25' long, with one measuring 12' tall and the other 13.5' tall.
Viktor working on the Mastadon in 1956. Image via Cleveland Memory

The Mastadon before its removal in 2008. Image via 

 Schreckengost carving the Mammoth mural in 1956. Image: Cleveland Press

 Mammoth on exterior of the Pachyderm Building before removal. via

Schreckengost created this award winning terra cotta relief mural inspired by Johnny Appleseed, titled Early Settler for Lakewood High School's Civic Auditorium in 1954.
 Early Settler relief mural. Via Cityzenart

 Image via

Viktor designed so many objects in his career that virtually everyone has come into contact with one of his items during their lifetime; my most favorable being the pedal-cars and bicycles he designed for Murray-Ohio.

Viktor carving clay model of a pedal car for Murray-Ohio, 1948. via Cleveland Memory

Pursuit pedal car for Murray, c. 1940's. via Heritage Auctions

JC Higgins bicycle. via American Craft Council

Viktor on JC Higgins Colorflow model, 1950. via

I loved the Eliminators series that Schreckengost designed for Murray. For more images click here

Viktor Schreckengost (1906-2008). Photo: Martin Linsey

For more on Viktor Schreckengost click herehere, here and here.