Tony Paul Designs

American industrial designer Tony Paul was born in the Bronx, NY on February 28, 1918. Paul attended the Pratt Institute and remained in the NY area during his nearly 60 year career, with stints in Italy and Spain. His designs were distributed by several companies including, Raymor, Westwood, Verplex, Woodlin-Hall, The Elton Company and eventually his own design firm Tony Paul and Associates (Tony was also part owner of The Elton Company and as with many Mid-Century studios, I believe the Elton name was created by combining the partner's last names, in this case Elliott and Tony).

Though he designed a wide variety of products during his career, including an arm chair which was selected for MOMA's "Good Design" award, Paul favored lighting design.

During his career he associated with many of the Mid-Century's top industrial designers including Arthur Umanoff, Russel Wright, Ben Seibel and Paul McCobb. I am not sure who influenced who, but the works of Umanoff (in particular those that he designed for The Elton Company) bore a strong resemblance to Paul's pieces; so much so that I often get the two designers mixed-up!

 Woodlin-Hall Interlace nesting tables

Woodlin-Hall Interlace planters

Tony Paul's Interlace Model 571 glass top magazine table. Image via

Woodlin-Hall planter

 Tony Paul Wires Collection for The Elton Co.

Tony Paul lamp for The Elton Company, c. 1952. Reform Gallery

Wires Collection table lamp (I don't believe the shade is original). Reform Gallery

This fishing basket wicker floor lamp is attributed to Paul. Dual Modern

 Magazine rack, Tempo Group Model 812  for Woodlin-Hall. Just In Modern

Mosaic top side table for Westwood, c. 1950's. Dual Modern

Various Tony Paul designs for Robert Barber Inc.

 Three-tier tray console, Tempo Group, Woodlin-Hall

Stacking tables with ashtray, Tempo Group Model 800, Woodlin-Hall. via Just In Modern

Tony Paul Sling Chair. via Howl Interiors

Various Tony Paul lamp designs for Westwood

Pair of Westwood lamps. via Lewis-Trimble

 Tony pictured in front of his sculpture at the Peter Du Jardin store in New Jersey

Interior of the Peter Du Jardin store which sold Paul's pieces

Tony Paul (1918-2010)

For more on Tony Paul see his official website here.  The site was created by his family as a tribute to Tony's legacy as a designer.  All images above are courtesy Tony Paul Designs unless otherwise noted.