San Diego Mid-Century Homes

The following program on Mid-Century homes and design in San Diego aired on PBS on April 9, 2012, but just in case you missed it or would like to see it again- here it is.

If you do not see the video above click here

Mid-Centuria now on Tumblr

As some of you may have noticed, my posting has gotten quite sporadic over the last few months partially due to my attempt to focus more time on my own art and design, but more so because writing a post has somehow mutated into a stressful task. Why? I am not exactly sure, but I think it is a combination of things. (Warning, if you aren't interested in reading my psychological babble, then I suggest you jump to the next paragraph now). First and foremost I have struggled with writing since high school, which can make posting a bit of a chore, especially when my perfectionism kicks in and I find myself rewriting a single sentence 10-times over. I also feel that since Mid-Centuria's readership has grown (Thank you everyone for your interest and support!), I have begun to suffer from what can be best described as performance anxiety, fearing that my next post might not be interesting enough, poorly written or that I may have my facts all wrong. Lastly, and I am sure other bloggers can relate to this, after blogging for some time, a sense of obligation to your readers begins to creep in and one feels pressure to post; not doing so leads to guilt. Instead of spurring me to action, this "bloggers guilt" has done the opposite and led me to avoid the blog altogether.  OK, now I feel better, to those who took the time to read this thanks for hearing me out, I just felt like clearing the air a bit and giving you an explanation.

Since posting to my blog has been a bit of a struggle, I thought I would start a Mid-Centuria tumblr where I will post more regularly- check it out HERE. I will continue to post on too, so be sure to check back!  Thanks everyone for your readership and support!