Harold Balazs Enamel Art

Harold Balazs (Ohio, 1928) is an American artist know for his copper enamel art and large scale abstract metal sculptures. Balazs began working with steel at his father's sheet metal business where he developed his metal fabrication skills. He initially studied aeronautical engineering, but as fate would have it, a dispute with a professor landed him in an art course and as they say- the rest is history.
 Copper enamel plaque, 1952

 The Blue and Grey, 1971, copper enamel

The Eye, 1953, copper enamel. via Fat Chance Modern

Maquette for Seattle sculpture. Smithsonian American Art Museum

Balazs often incorporated the phrase "Transcend the Bullshit" into his works.

Harold Balazs. Photo: Young Kwak

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Latin American Modern Paintings

 Omar Rayo, untitled, c. 1971

 Omar Rayo, Panche I, 1970

 Omar Rayo, Páncio Prematuro, 1964

Omar Rayo, Efirmero, 1964

 Alberto Dávila, Mujer de Mar

 Angel Botello, untitled (series Bailes), c. 1970

 Emiliano Di Cavalcanti, untitled, 1938

 Hércules Barsotti, Proposição Multilegível I, 1966

 Joaquín Torres Garcia, Dirigible, 1929

 Julio Le Parc, Serie 23 No. 3-14, 1970

 Luis Martínez Pedro, untitled

 Lula Cardoso Ayres, Folclore 2

 Roberto Burle Marx, untitled, 1987

Vicente Forte, Viejo Instrumento, 1968

Images via Christie's November 2011 "Latin American Paintings" auction.