Raul Coronel Ceramics II

I am always on the look-out for pieces by ceramicist Raul Coronel; here are a few images that I have collected over the last few months.  If you have not seen my previous posts on Coronel click here and here.

I think these are "Beatnik" girls. "Dig them shades man". Available at the time of this post on eBay 

Flute Player; this one is available at the time of this post at Chez Camille

Above is a set of incised bird plaques I spotted on eBay- the auctions ends today so get on it.

I like the incising on this bird; discovered him on Etsy (sold)

I came across the above set of plaques on eBay; the seller didn't know who created them, so I sent her an email to let her know that I was no expert, but I believed they were from Raul Coronel's studio. They have since been relisted and credited to Coronel. They are still available at the time of this post.

 Floral piece spotted on eBay

This orange blossom tree piece is "signed" with a "Raul" tile. I can't seem to remember where I heard this, but I believe that the pieces marked with the "Raul" tile were actually created by Coronel and not the other artists working in his studio. Another eBay find

This one is titled Jeweled Fox and sold for $160 when new in the 1960's. via Modernaire (sold)

These flower/plant wall relief pieces were often combined to construct larger wall panels/murals. eBay

This sunflower piece reminds me of the work of Stan Bitters. Image via Esoteric Survey


Beccalina said...

These are beautiful. I love the combination of clay and fabric.

Urban Earthen said...

wow really gorgeous- so simple and on the money