Jean Miotte Paintings

The works of French abstract painter Jean Miotte (b. 1926, Paris) are associated with the art style known as L'Art Informel, which is often considered France's equivalent to America's Abstract Expressionism. Since attending the Russian ballets in London during the 1940's, Miotte's work has been greatly influenced by the energy and movement of music and dance, which he expresses below.

For me dance, choreographic expression, appears as the most acute gesture, instant and intangible, once given and then forever captured by the eye; movement, shifting lines, fixing them in our imagination and in time – abstract art par excellence. What a fantastic thing is the communion between the arts – between painting, music and choreography.

Crossing Road, 1984-86. via Z├╝richsee Auktionen

 Instant Ebloui, 1979. via Chelsea Art Museum

Format 30 F, 1987. via Ketterer Kunst

Title and source unknown

Untitled, 1970. via Ketterer Kunst 

Untitled, 1985. via Christie's

Insurrection, 1996, on exhibit at the Chelsea. via

 The above studio images are via 

Abstraction is the figuration of the soul. Jean Miotte

For more information and works by Miotte see his website here and insightful interview here.


Ray G said...

Love this style and era of abstract expressionism.

Pippa said...

Thanks for sharing, such vitality!

Amazing Glaze said...

I think this is terrific! looks so 3-D-as if you could step in and walk around each stroke of colour.Brilliantly executed.

Stonecat said...

This does not work for me. I want/need to see context of something real, to make the abstract treatment work. People, musicians, street scene, geometry at least, something please. There is way too much abstract art without context IMHO, and way too many people fall for it, also IMHO. There is a painter in my town who is the son of a fairly major gallery owner and he slaps paint on canvas and laughs at how it means nothing and how much people are willing to pay for it.

Anonymous said...

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