Evelyn Ackerman Tapestries III

The 3rd and final round of Evelyn Ackerman tapestries.

 Autumn Leaves, c. 1959, handwoven wool. via reader Michele Holt (thanks Michele!)
Here is another version (rotated) of Autumn Leaves. via Reform Gallery

Two examples from the 1971 Campesina Series. via Sam Kaufman Gallery and Treadway. I have seen these dated as being from the early 60's, but Ackerman Modern has them listed as 1971, so I will go with that.

Canal, c. 1963, handwoven wool. via Reform Gallery

Composition, 1969, handwoven wool. via Reform Gallery 

Duck (title unknown), handwoven. via Lions Gallery 

Girl with partridge (title unknown), 1962, screenprint. via Reform Gallery

Kings (title unknown), hand-hooked. via eBay

 Two versions of Launch Pad, 1970-71, handwoven wool. via Reform Gallery

Lion (title unknown), 1960's, hand-hooked. via PCH Modern 

 Left: Windows, c. 1970, via LA Modern.  Right: Peacock feather (title unknown), via Objects USA

Left: Striped Candy Tree, 1968, via Ackerman Modern.  Right: Labyrinth, 1971, via Esoteric Survey

 Train- style no. 783, hand-hooked wool. via eBay (see detail below)

 Queen on a horse (title unknown), c. 1960, hand-hooked. source unknown

Seaside, c. 1965, handwoven wool, by Donald Leake for ERA. via Mid-Centuria reader Michele Holt

This handwoven piece I spotted on eBay a couple of weeks ago depicting Adam and Eve looks very similar to Evelyn's work. Below is a hand-hooked version of the piece that is signed with an artist's cypher...hmm?

Reform Gallery's 2005 "California Design" exhibit showing many Ackerman tapestries, via Esoteric Survey


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