Arne Vodder Furniture

Danish architect and designer Arne Vodder (1926-2009) was versed in the art of furniture design by Finn Juhl, who became his friend and business partner. Vodder created works for many companies throughout his career including, France and Son, Cado, Fritz Hansen and Bovirke, but he is probably best known for the color-accented rosewood pieces he designed for Sibast Møbler; which by the way happen to be my favorite!

Jean Miotte Paintings

The works of French abstract painter Jean Miotte (b. 1926, Paris) are associated with the art style known as L'Art Informel, which is often considered France's equivalent to America's Abstract Expressionism. Since attending the Russian ballets in London during the 1940's, Miotte's work has been greatly influenced by the energy and movement of music and dance, which he expresses below.

For me dance, choreographic expression, appears as the most acute gesture, instant and intangible, once given and then forever captured by the eye; movement, shifting lines, fixing them in our imagination and in time – abstract art par excellence. What a fantastic thing is the communion between the arts – between painting, music and choreography.

Crossing Road, 1984-86. via Zürichsee Auktionen

 Instant Ebloui, 1979. via Chelsea Art Museum

Format 30 F, 1987. via Ketterer Kunst

Title and source unknown

Untitled, 1970. via Ketterer Kunst 

Untitled, 1985. via Christie's

Insurrection, 1996, on exhibit at the Chelsea. via

 The above studio images are via 

Abstraction is the figuration of the soul. Jean Miotte

For more information and works by Miotte see his website here and insightful interview here.

Raul Coronel Ceramics II

I am always on the look-out for pieces by ceramicist Raul Coronel; here are a few images that I have collected over the last few months.  If you have not seen my previous posts on Coronel click here and here.

I think these are "Beatnik" girls. "Dig them shades man". Available at the time of this post on eBay 

Flute Player; this one is available at the time of this post at Chez Camille

Above is a set of incised bird plaques I spotted on eBay- the auctions ends today so get on it.

I like the incising on this bird; discovered him on Etsy (sold)

I came across the above set of plaques on eBay; the seller didn't know who created them, so I sent her an email to let her know that I was no expert, but I believed they were from Raul Coronel's studio. They have since been relisted and credited to Coronel. They are still available at the time of this post.

 Floral piece spotted on eBay

This orange blossom tree piece is "signed" with a "Raul" tile. I can't seem to remember where I heard this, but I believe that the pieces marked with the "Raul" tile were actually created by Coronel and not the other artists working in his studio. Another eBay find

This one is titled Jeweled Fox and sold for $160 when new in the 1960's. via Modernaire (sold)

These flower/plant wall relief pieces were often combined to construct larger wall panels/murals. eBay

This sunflower piece reminds me of the work of Stan Bitters. Image via Esoteric Survey

S. Neil Fujita Paintings

Above are two original S. Neil Fujita paintings from the private collection of Joe Callison, who contacted me for assistance in locating more original paintings by Fujita. Unfortunately I was unable to help with his search, but he was kind enough to send the above images for me to share. If anyone out there happens to know where to find original paintings by Fujita, please shoot me an email so I can pass on the info. Thanks!

The following are a couple other pieces by Neil Fujita that I thought I would share, now that I am on the subject.   If you would like to see more works by Fujita, see my previous post here.

 Art from the cover of Modern Packing, 1961 (cropped). via Newhouse Books

Art from the album cover of Lew Davies' Strange Interlude, 1961 (cropped)

Evelyn Ackerman Tapestries III

The 3rd and final round of Evelyn Ackerman tapestries.

 Autumn Leaves, c. 1959, handwoven wool. via reader Michele Holt (thanks Michele!)
Here is another version (rotated) of Autumn Leaves. via Reform Gallery

Two examples from the 1971 Campesina Series. via Sam Kaufman Gallery and Treadway. I have seen these dated as being from the early 60's, but Ackerman Modern has them listed as 1971, so I will go with that.

Canal, c. 1963, handwoven wool. via Reform Gallery

Composition, 1969, handwoven wool. via Reform Gallery 

Duck (title unknown), handwoven. via Lions Gallery 

Girl with partridge (title unknown), 1962, screenprint. via Reform Gallery

Kings (title unknown), hand-hooked. via eBay

 Two versions of Launch Pad, 1970-71, handwoven wool. via Reform Gallery

Lion (title unknown), 1960's, hand-hooked. via PCH Modern 

 Left: Windows, c. 1970, via LA Modern.  Right: Peacock feather (title unknown), via Objects USA

Left: Striped Candy Tree, 1968, via Ackerman Modern.  Right: Labyrinth, 1971, via Esoteric Survey

 Train- style no. 783, hand-hooked wool. via eBay (see detail below)

 Queen on a horse (title unknown), c. 1960, hand-hooked. source unknown

Seaside, c. 1965, handwoven wool, by Donald Leake for ERA. via Mid-Centuria reader Michele Holt

This handwoven piece I spotted on eBay a couple of weeks ago depicting Adam and Eve looks very similar to Evelyn's work. Below is a hand-hooked version of the piece that is signed with an artist's cypher...hmm?

Reform Gallery's 2005 "California Design" exhibit showing many Ackerman tapestries, via Esoteric Survey