Evelyn Ackerman Tapestries II

Round 2 of Evelyn Ackerman's tapestries. Again, I apologize for the poor image quality on some of the pieces.

 Stained Glass, 1969, hand-hooked. via Ackerman Modern

 Stained Glass in red colorway, hand-hooked nylon. via Rose Hill Auctions

 Garden, 1963, hand-hooked. via LA Modern

Title unknown- cityscape, hand-hooked wool. via Reform Gallery 

Left: Clovers, c. 1963, handwoven wool. Right: Moonscape, c. 1965. via LA Modern

Title unknown- Monkeys in trees, hand-hooked wool. via Treadway Gallery 

 Title unknown- Peacock, handwoven wool. via Lawson-Fenning

Title unknown, Geometric, 1965, handwoven wool. via Reform Gallery 

Titles unknown- King and lady handwoven wool. via flickr 

Mermaid, style 33W, hand-hooked nylon. via 20th Obsession

Flower Pot, c. 1959, handwoven wool. via Reform Gallery

Evelyn Ackerman tapestry pictured above in LA Times "Home", 1958

Jerome and Evelyn looking at one of ERA's original tapestry design color keys. via American Craft

UPDATE: I can't believe what just happened. Right after I finished this post, I checked out eBay to see what was new and came across the actual tapestry created from the design pictured in Evelyn's color key illustration in the above photo!!!  The eBay seller had no idea who created the piece, though they did say is was "special"; I immediately contacted them to advise them of their good fortune!!!  See the piece below.


Urban Earthen said...

wow that is insane -good kharma for you, nice thing to do... can't say I wouldn't have been tempted to bid!

Peter and Sarah Slight said...

Thanks for posting these they are really nice. The king and the Lady
are probably my favourites, but its hard to choose! :-)

Urban Earthen said...

ok so the story continues... this morning I just bought the other one the Ackermans are looking at in the photo. It was rolled up and sticking out of a box and I doubt it would have caught my eye if it had not been for your post! thanks so much! pics here http://findfabulous.blogspot.com/2012/02/evelyn-ackerman-hooked-tapestry.html

Mid-Centuria said...

Score! Glad I could help :)

Mid-Centuria said...

Glad you enjoyed the posts Peter and Sarah.