The Art of Otto Treumann

German-born Dutch commercial artist Otto Treumann (1919-2001) fled his home in Fürth, Germany with his Jewish family in 1935 to escape Nazi persecution, settling in Amsterdam. In 1936 he enrolled at the New Art School (Nieuwe Kunstschool) where he studied commercial art until 1940. His work was primarily influenced by Swiss typography and the Bauhaus and he was considered a pioneer in the modernization of graphic design in the Netherlands after WWII. Below is an assortment of his work; you may notice I have removed the type in some of the pieces, as I sometimes do in order to remove the "commercialism" from the piece- sorry purists!

 Bijbel en Kunst van Nu poster (cropped), 1965


Visuele Vacantie Verleiders poster art, 1967

Israel poster,1963

 Art from fully automated telephone network stamps, 1962

 Bijenkorf Kunstkoop Kollektie poster (cropped), 1967

Dutch Open Air Museum poster (cropped), 1962

Dutch Open Air Museum poster (cropped), 1965

Stamp, 1962

Europa stamp art, 1964

Europa stamp art, 1972

"Give a Book" poster, 1951

Haarlem Architecture Exhibit poster, 1948.

Holland Film Week poster,1955

Kiel Week poster art, 1975.

Steendrukkerij de Jong & Co. poster, 1955

Taptoe Delft poster,1962

Tele Communicatie poster art, 1962

50th Jaarbeurs Utrecht poster, 1948

50th Jaarbeurs Utrecht poster detail, 1948

One of Treumann's most famous logos created for Israeli Airlines, 1963

Otto Treumann and Hans Versteeg working on the Utrecht Spring Fair poster, 1969 (see below)

International Spring Fair poster, 1969

Otto Treumann, c. 1950. Photo: Eva Besnyö

Otto at work in Weesp, Netherlands, c.1990. Photo: Patrick van der Sande

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Images via Otto Treumann book and Geheugen van Nederland.


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