The Art of Milton Dacosta

Alexandre, 1960, serigraph

Brazilian painter, illustrator and printmaker Milton Dacosta (1915-1988) began taking art classes when he was only 14 and went on to study at the National School of Fine Arts in Enba, The Art Students League of New York and the Académie de la Grande Chaumiere in Paris. Click here for more about Dacosta's life and work.

Figura, 1948. via Oscar Niemeyer Museum

Untitled, c. 1950's, serigraph. via Galeria Espaço Arte

Figura, serigraph, c. 1958. via Renot Galeria de Arte

Figure with hat, c. 1960, serigraph. via Galeria Espaço Arte

Head of Alexander, serigraph

via Renot Galeria de Arte

Figura, serigraph. via Galeria Palácio dos Leilões 

Retrato de Alexandre, serigraph. via Galeria Palácio dos Leilões

Cabeçuda, oil on paper. via TNT Arte Galeria

Venus, serigraph. via Renot Galeria de Arte

Mulher, serigraph. via Renot Galeria de Arte

oil on canvas. 1951

Menina na Janela, c. 1950oil on canvas. via Soraia Cals

Figura, 1963, oil on canvas. via Soraia Cals

Figura Cabeçuda, 1963, oil on canvas. via Master Arte

 Figura com Chapéu, c. 1980, oil on canvas. via Renot Galeria de Arte

 Venus, 1978, oil on canvas. via Galeria Palácio dos Leilões

Venus e Pássaro, 1980, oil on canvas. via Renot Galeria de Arte

Milton Dacosta (1915-1988)

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