Theo van Doesburg Stained Glass Windows

In addition to painting, Dutch artist Theo van Doesburg (1883-1931) co-founder and "ambassador" to the De Stijl movement, designed many stained glass works during his career. His neoplastic art, with its black bordered color fields, were perfectly suited for the stained glass medium.

circa 1920's 

Female Head, 1917 

circa 1927 

 Fortunam Suam Quisque Parat, 1927. Rough translation: Every man is the architect of his own future.

 Composition in Three Panels, 1927

 Composition VIII, 1918-1919

circa 1920's

Composition with Window III, 1917

 Digger, Harvester, Sower and Reaper

Study for The Sower (seen in 3rd panel above)

Stained glass study, 1917

Theo van Doesburg in military dress, 1915

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Images via flickr and Wikipedia

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