Mid-Century Album Covers II

Another round of mid-century album cover art. If you missed my other vintage cover posts click here and here.

John Brandt, 1954

 David Stone Martin, 1950

Stig Söderqvist, 1954

artist unknown, 1954 

Tom Hannan, 1957 

Jim Flora, 1954 

Bob Peak 

Burt Goldblatt, 1954 

Stig Söderqvist, 1955 

artist unknown, 1963 

artist unknown, 1959 

Bob Jones, 1955 

Harsh,  1949

 Howard Stabin, 1955

George Maas, c. 1948

artist unknown, 1959


Ray G said...

Superb collection Kevin.

Mid-Centuria said...

Thanks Ray!!!!

Anonymous said...

Seeing Stig Soderqvist's signature on the Anders Burman album cover must be the first time I've ever seen signature credit for an artist
on a cover! Nice. Betty