Gus McLaren Ceramic Figures

These slip-cast animal figures designed by Australian cartoonist, painter and ceramic artist Gus McLaren (1923-2008) during the 1950's and 60's are still being produced today by his wife Betty, using the original molds. Betty, now in her eighties, was (and still is) largely responsible for running the ceramic business as Gus was often focusing on his other career as a cartoonist and animator, working on such cartoons as Scooby-Doo; which happens to be my favorite! Check out the McLaren Pottery website for more on this dynamic duo.

Charging Bull, green

Wise Owls

Hand-painted assorted bulls

Taurean Bull, blue

Trumpet Horse, blue (this one reminds me of the work of Robert Maxwell) 

Trojan Horse, hand painted

Show Pony, green 

Comic Cat, blue 

Comic Cat, hand-colored 

Fat Piggy Bank, blue

Majestic Lion, blue

King & Queen salt and pepper shakers, blue

Gus McLaren (1923-2008) 

Betty McLaren


Laguna Dirt said...

what an amazing couple. reminds me of bitossi. is that the right name. or raymor? anyway, way cool!!

Mid-Centuria said...

Yeah, the pieces do look similar to those created by Aldo Londi for Bitossi (which was distributed by Raymor).

Laura Ottina said...

How whimsical! Would love to own one of these...