The Greentree Residence: Kenneth Lind AIA

I was not aware of the work of architect Kenneth N. Lind (1909-1975) until stumbling upon this fantastic home which he designed, on the website of the architectural firm, Shubin + Donaldson. The firm was charged with renovating and expanding the 1949 modernist house located on a hillside in Pacific Palisades, California. The project focused mainly on the ground floor where an open breezeway-patio and carport were converted to a living room, kitchen, bathroom and dining area (see the Life magazine image for the before shot).

Color photos by photographer Ciro Coelho via Shubin + Donaldson
Life photos and architecture illustration via MidCentArc's flickr.


Karl said...

It looked better floating above the yard IMHO.

Thanks; I was going to get rid of those independent squares of concrete in my back yard but I think I will have new ones poured in the same pattern to keep the look. Are they a Lind theme or just a period feature?

Mid-Centuria said...

I agree the hoovering/open space created on the original home design was more interesting.