Etienne Beöthy Paintings

Hungarian-born draftsman, sculptor and painter Etienne (István) Beöthy (1897-1961) was heavily involved in the Paris art scene after settling there in 1925.  His work was influenced by Constructivism, Suprematism, Orphism and the Golden Section. Strangely, while researching Beöthy I discovered his name was omitted from many of the artistic endeavors he was involved in; for example:
Beöthy was a founding member of Abstraction-Création along with Auguste Herbin and Georges Vantongerloo and acted as the group's vice president from 1932-1936, yet he is not mentioned in virtually all accounts of the group that I have read.
He was an original participant/founder of the Salon des Réalités Nouvelles in 1939/1946 and yet again, he is not mentioned in most writings on the group.
He founded the journal Formes et Vie with Fernand Léger and Le Corbusier and is largely left off information on the journal.
 untitled, 1949

 untitled, 1952. via Kieselbach Galéria

untitled, 1947, via Ader Nordmann

 untitled, 1947. via Ketterer Kunst

 untitled, c. 1952. via Beöthy website

 untitled, 1952. via Beöthy website

untitled, 1945. via Kieselbach Galéria

untitled, 1954. via Beöthy website

 via Kieselbach Galéria

 Circle Composition, 1947. via Belvedere Szalon

 Rythme, 1938. via Christie's (this piece looks heavily influenced by Sonia Delaunay)

Objet Metamorphie II, 1938. via Beöthy website

Construction Enfantine, 1958. via Beöthy website 

Cover of the journal Formes et Vie, Number 1, 1952 (cover art by Le Corbusier) 

Etienne Beöthy (1897-1961). Image courtesy Beöthy website

General Information:
Artist: Etienne Beöthy (born István Beöthy)
Nationality: Hungarian (lived mostly in France)
Birth: September 2, 1897 in Heves, Hungary
Death: November 27, 1961 in Paris, France
Education: Architecture College in Budapest (1919), Budapest Academy of Art (1920-24)
Influences: Constructivism, Suprematism, Orphism, The Golden Section

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