Augustin Tschinkel Isotype Art

Although the work of Gerd Arntz (1900-1988) is usually associated with the information graphic system known as  Isotype (International System of TYpographic Picture Education), Czech artist Augustin Tschinkel (1905-1983) also worked with the system's founder, Viennese social scientist Otto Neurath (1882-1945). I think the following Isotype catch-phrase reflects the system's philosophy best, "To remember simplified pictures is better than to forget accurate ones".

Factory Workers, 1934, linocut. via Biksady Gallery

Arbeiter. via Galerie Glöckner

Streik, 1932, linocut. Galerie Glöckner 

 Mother and Child, woodcut. Galerie Glöckner

The below images are from the 1929 book "Romance of the Noble Clown" by Bretislav Mencák.

If your interested in learning more about the Isotype system, have a look at the web-archive of the system's chief artist Gerd Arntz here.  

Also, Google books has the entire book titled Gerd Arntz- Graphic Designer online for FREE, see it here. Below are a few images by from the book.

Gerd Arntz- Graphic Designer book cover. See link above to view entire publication for FREE

 Isotype pictogram for unemployment, Gerd Arntz and Rudolf Modley, c. 1930's

Gerd Arntz, Isotype pictogram linocut and print, c1930's. 

Gerd Arntz, Unemployed, 1931 woodcut.

Explanation for the above woodcut:
At the top, the rich cash their stock and entertain themselves with perversities or idleness, while the worker toils at the assembly line (center) and the unemployed (bottom) are kept in check by the military. The 'little man' drawn by Arntz here returns in the visual statistics as the Isotype pictogram of the unemployed; with his head between his shoulders and his hands in his pockets.

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