Auction Mining: Bukowskis Market Art Picks

Bukowskis Market, Sweden always has fantastic art up for sale; the current selection is particularly good as you can see from the size of this post! 

Berndt Erkéus (1908-1978), untitled blue geometric

Albert Johansson (1926-1998), Diagonal Resistance, 1950 

George Dayez (1907-1991), Woman and Infant, 1950-1952 

Petter Thoen (b. 1943), He had a great backhand but he hardly ever used it, lithograph 

Petter Thoen, Pink Elephant - Trumpetfant, lithograph 

Petter Thoen, Shower Spirit Elephant - Showerfant, lithograph 

Petter Zennström (b. 1945), Machine-X, 1976 

Sam Vanni (1908-1992), title unknown, serigraph 

Sven Jonson (1902-1981), Building, lithograph 

Sture Johannesson (b. 1935), Underground III exhibition poster, 1969 

Axel Olsson (1919-2001), Ship Building, lithograph 

Erik Olson (1901-1986), title unknown, 1978, lithograph 

Ernst Mether Borgström (1917-1996), untitled, 1978, serigraph 

Esaias Thorén (1901-1981), Composition with Fish, 1952, lithograph

Esaias Thorén, Composition with Figurines, 1959 

Gerd Nordenskjöld (1913-1999), composition, gouache 

 Gustav Rudberg (1915-2001), Composition with Footballers, 1954

 Lars Gunnar Nordström (b. 1924), untitled, 1968

 Lars Gunnar Nordström, untitled, serigraph

 Lars Gunnar Nordström, untitled, 1978, serigraph

Maurice Élie Sarthou (1911-1999), composition, 1962

Paul Grönholm (1907-1992), Mother and Child

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