Auction Mining: 1stDibs Art

A selection of paintings and wall art recently spotted on 1stDibs. Enjoy!

Paul Freeman, Freedom Shouter, 1963. via Palm Beach Antique & Design

 Evelyn Ackerman, painted wood wall relief carvings, c. 1960's, via Galerie Sommerlath

 Ackerman wood figure detail- those eyes are kinda creepy!

Frederic Weinberg, musician wire sculptures, c. 1950's. via Metro, SOLD 

 Gust Romijn, Red Figure with Black Eye and Black Bird, c. 1950's. via Barry Friedman, SOLD

Harris Strong, abstract women ceramic tile wall plaques, c. 1950's. via Greenwich Living Antiques

 Jean Aime Roger Durand, untitled, 1970. via Decorum, SOLD

 Alfredo de Giorgio Crimi, Astroaquanautical. via Papillon Gallery

Leonard Nelson, Lounging Nude, 1949. via Papillon Gallery

Signed EM?, ceramic tile plaque of woman and sheaf, c. 1950's. via Assemblage

 Roy Lichtenstein (yep, that Lichtenstein), The Diver, 1948. via I4D

Edward Cathony, "hardline" abstract painting, c. 1960. via Assemblage

Werner Drewes, abstract, 1944. via Hollis Taggart Galleries


Patrick mika1234 said...

Your blogs are simply amazing!

Mid-Centuria said...

Thanks Patrick- you just made my week!!

Urban Earthen said...

wow - great post. Regarding mid-century themes, I always wonder why that kinda medieval heraldic thing became so popular along with owls?

Mid-Centuria said...

Agreed; the themes do seem so random-Calypso, Owls, Fish, Jesters/Harlequins/Lutes/Kings/Queens etc.