The Art of Norman Ives

American artist, designer and teacher Norman Ives (1923-1978) studied under Josef Albers and Herbert Matter as a member of the inaugural class of Yale University's Graphic Design program. Upon his graduation from the program in 1952 he was invited to become a member of its faculty, eventually becoming a full professor in 1972.  During the 1950's he worked with Herbert Matter on various design projects including those for the New Haven Railroad and Knoll International. Ives' artistic works included paintings, collages, prints and bas-reliefs which often incorporated fragmented letterforms. Click here for brief bio.

BA 3, 1970, serigraph. via Francis Frost

 C:D 1a, 1970, serigraph. via Francis Frost

 Centaur, 1973, serigraph

I:S 1a, 1970, serigraph. via Francis Frost 

P 10, c. 1960's, collage. via Francis Frost 

 PM, 1977, serigraph. via Francis Frost

 Red Diamond, mix media. via Burchard Galleries

 Reversed Grounds 2, 1968, serigraph. via Flint Institute of Arts

 Title unknown

Title unknown

Orange, Green and Pink, 1972, collage. via Francis Frost

 Title unknown, wood relief

 Black Bas-Relief, 1965, wood relief. via Gene Shapiro Auctions

 Construction 3, c. 1960's, wood relief. via Francis Frost

via AGI

 via AGI

Pictured L to R; unknown, Sewell Sillman, Josef Albers, Norman Ives


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