The Art of Mathematician Herbert Busemann

German-American mathematician Herbert Busemann (1905-1994) specialized in convex and differential geometry and was the author of Busemann's Theorem. After retiring from USC as a professor emeritus in 1970, Busemann spent the rest of his life painting in Santa Ynez, California. Fittingly, his paintings were also geometrical and executed with mathematical precision.

Pyramid, 1976. via NOHO Modern

untitled, 1972. via NOHO Modern

untitled, c. 1970's, via House of Honey

X with Rays, 1975. NOHO Modern

Almost a Triptych, 1987. via NOHO Modern

attributed to Busemann, Blue Hex, c. 1970's. via House of Honey

Conflict, 1972. via NOHO Modern

Purple Star Crosses, 1977. via NOHO Modern

Squares on Red, 1977. via NOHO Modern

Herbert Busemann (Berlin, 1905 - Santa Ynez, 1994)

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