Raul Coronel Mural Saved!

Click photos for closer look.   Images courtesy eTruth

It looks as though this massive glazed stoneware mural designed by Raul Coronel for the pharmaceutical company of Miles Laboratories in 1965, will be saved from the wrecking ball. The mural which measures 70 feet in length by 5-7 feet in height is constructed of 4000 individually hand-formed pieces and depicts the history of medicine. The mural was fabricated in Coronel's California studio and shipped to Elkhart, Indiana where it was installed by ceramist Brent Bennett in the cafeteria of the "Bayer Building" in 1966. Thankfully Elkhart's Mayor Dick Moore recognized the historical and artistic value of the mural and has urged the city council to appropriate the $8,500 needed to remove/relocate the piece before the building is demolished.

I became aware of the mural after a reader posted a comment on my Raul Coronel post; asking for information on the murals value and how it could be safely removed. In response, I sent an email to Brent Bennet, who I knew worked a lot with Coronel, in hopes that he could lend some insight. It turns out that Brent actually worked on the piece and was able to assist the City Officials on the matter! You can see his response in the comments section of the post here.  Also be sure to see my post on Brent's work here and have a look at his website here.

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Ray G said...

Fantastic, thats a good news story...a great mural.

Nancie Mills Pipgras said...

Kevin! Your wonderful blog was the catalyst for saving a beautiful piece of art. How exciting and gratifying it must be for you. Cheers and huzzahs! Nancie

Mid-Centuria said...

Hey Nancie, thanks for the kind words. I'd liked to think I helped, but I am not so sure what I did made a difference. Who knows. Thanks again though!