Paul Ackerman Paintings

The cubist style of French painter Paul Ackerman (1908-1981) was greatly influenced by the work of his friend and fellow artist Jacques Villon (1875-1963).  Click here for a brief biography on Ackerman.

 Seven Figures in a Landscape, 1950, oil on canvas. via Heritage Auctions

Personnages Cubistes, 1949-50, oil on canvas. via Heritage Auctions

Le Chevalier, oil on canvas. via Artcurial, France.


ART Is ABOUT....... said...

I had never seen this artists work and I like it a lot.and also did not know he was a frienf of J. Villon, no wonder the influence from Villon...
Thank you for posting Gabriel Sencial

Mid-Centuria said...

Your very welcome Gabriel!