Movements & Themes: Ceramic Vikings

Next to Stig Lindberg's "Karneval" series for Gustavsberg, this viking collection designed by Kåre Berven Fjeldsaa for Stavangerflint AS is one of my favorite character-themed ceramic groups.

 Inger Waage and Kåre Berven Fjeldsaa. Stavangerflint archives (Figgjo AS)

Norwegian ceramist Kåre Berven Fjeldsaa (1918-1991) acted as head of design for Stavangerflint AS, Norway, from 1958-1968. After Stavangerflint AS merged with Figgjo Fajanse AS in 1968, Fjeldsaa went on to work for the newly formed company in design and product development from 1973 to 1985.

Stavangerflint AS began producing earthenware pottery for both home and professional markets in Stavanger, Norway in 1949 under the name Stavanger Fajansefabrikk AS. The company changed its name to Stavangerflint AS in 1952 with the thought that adding "flint" to the name would enhance the perception of quality. In 1968 the company merged with its major competitor, Figgjo Fanjanse AS, where it continued production until the Stavangerflint division/factory was closed in 1979.

Stavangerflint manufacturing facility, Stavanger, Norway, c. 1952. via
Illustration of the factory by the company's first design director Thorbjørn Feyling (1907-1985). 1950. via

The following three pieces are by the ever-popular Swedish ceramist Lisa Larson.
 Viking ship wall tile by Larson for Gustavsberg's UNIK series, 1961. via eBay

Viking ship plaque by Larson for Gustavsberg, Sweden. Text translates to "Merchant Navy Welfare Board".

 "Odin" viking figure by Larson for her company Keramikstudion Gustavasberg (K-Studion), c. 1990's

Lisa Larson, c. 1959. via

Larson with her Maxi Bulldog created for Gustavsberg in 1972.

Lisa Larson has designed many fantastic pieces during her career, most notably those created while working for Gustavsberg Porcelain Factory from 1950-1980. After leaving Gustavsberg, she worked as a freelance designer and in 1992 founded Keramikstudion Gustavsberg which produces her pieces on a small scale.

The following are viking-themed pieces designed by other various Scandinavian ceramists.
 Rare viking wall plaque designed by Rolf Frøyland for Figgjo Flint, Norway. via
Plaque detail via H is for Home flickr

Viking wall tile by Inger Persson for Rörstrand, Sweden. via Starkeld, sold

Vikings designed by Finnish ceramic designer Taisto Kaasinen for Upsala Ekeby, Sweden,1961.

Taisto Kaasinen (1918-1981) designed for Upsala Ekeby from 1953-1961.

Designers L to R: Latvian American, Maigons Daga (1921-2001);  Rolf Berg, Sweden;  designer unknown.

If you are interested in Scandinavian ceramics, check out the blog, Keramikk; it is full of great images and information and is a fantastic resource. All of the above images are from Keramikk unless otherwise noted.


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