Mosaic Wall Panels III

I haven't come across many post-worthy mosaic panels lately, but I have spotted a few. One thing that I am beginning to notice after collecting a ton of images is that many pieces seem to have heavily-inspired "twin brothers".  It is hard to tell which piece spawned the others, but there is no mistaking the similarities. 

 eBay- set sold for $175

The same figure, but as gravel art. Was there a company that sold both mosaic and gravel art kits and used the same art for both products?  Or perhaps the designs were copied from a book that had mosaic patterns?

 This looks like an Evelyn Ackerman mosaic. eBay, sold for $198

Left: Betty Lou Parker, Jester, 1953, eBay.  Right: eBay- sold for $70 

Here are three "brothers" of the above mosaic.

 Regency style horse mosaic- eBay

eBay 8-11

A very similar gravel art piece. 

This piece owned by flickr's Chimay Bleue features the same art as the eBay piece? hmm

 Pacific Art and Crafts, Mosaic Pattern No. 7006 Bottles

Here is an example of a completed table using the above pattern, owned by flickr's Chimay Bleue.


Nancie Mills Pipgras said...

Once again you have found the most wonderful images. There were tons of kits in the 50's. I remember making a gravel "mosaic" with my mother around 1958. I was terribly enthralled with the gold cord that served as the edging for sections. What a great memory to start the day with.

ellen florman said...

I have a combination mosaic and gravel of a peacock that was done in the early 1960's by my mother. Will try to post an image

Cappi said...

These are great. I remember the joy of creating "gravel art" at my grandmother's house in the 60's.
Thanks for sharing!

Mid-Centuria said...

I am glad you all enjoy the gravel art. I have been collecting images of gravel art for a long time and have actually thought about starting a tumblr to share them... maybe I will start with a post.