Furniture Design Rebels

I get a kick out of reading old magazine articles about modernist design; when the designers were seen as "rebels" and the pieces they created were quote, as "dubiously received as a visitor from mars". The following article titled "New Trends in Furniture: Modern Designers Change an Old Industry" appeared in the June 1949 issue of Kiplinger Magazine. An article about how Herman Miller built their success by "breaking rules", also appeared in the issue.

The following are a few of my favorite excerpts from the articles.
  • Writing of modernist furniture, "Some go into ecstasies about it. It's what they've always wanted and never found".
  • "The designers, manufacturers and retailers responsible for the trend are small fry. 'Contemporary' furniture is still just the tail on the dog, but the tail is beginning to wag the dog".
  • The Charles Eames chair has "rump appeal".
Click image of article for enlarged view, unless of course you are Steve Austin and have a "bionic" eye.

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