Carlos Baglione Paintings

Italian-born Argentinian painter Carlos A. Baglione (1916-1975) studied under various artists from the early 1940's until 1959 including Vicente Puig and Demetrio UrruchĂșa. His work has been exhibited at virtually every major gallery in Argentina since his first show at the "Salon Rojas" in 1941. I love his use of color.

 Witch Things, 1971

Mandolin Between Bottles, 1971 

Rock, 1971 

 The Fantastic Mandolin, 1969

 Three for a Tango, 1971

Blue Cup, 1971 

7th Day Space Odyssey, 1966 

Trovadores II, 1972 

El Molinillo Rojo, 1972 

Models, 1968 

Grandfather's Figs, 1969

Carlos A. Baglione (1916-1975)

To see more of Baglione's work visit his website here. All images are via the Baglione website.

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