Book Cover Art

I haven't posted book cover art in a while, so I thought it was time to share a few more of my favorites. I apologize to all the purists out there, but I have removed the text and cropped the images leaving just the art. I often do this with commercial art/illustration to isolate the image and remove the "commercial" aspect from the work; visualizing what the piece would look like as "fine art."

 Artist unknown, George Berkeley: Principles, Dialogues and Philosophical Correspondance, 1965. via

Ingrid Frostell, Sommargästerna, 1962. via Book Cover Lover

Rudolph deHarak, Cards of Identity, 1960. via 50 Watts

Edward McKnight Kauffer, Daily Herald "the Early Bird", 1918. via Storybird

Herbert Auchli, Graphis 69, Jan-Feb 1957. via Drawger

Artist unknown, The House of Fiction, c 1960. via Montague Projects

Franco Grignani?, L'Ufficio Moderno La PubblicitĂ , 1968. via Laura@PopDesign

Marc Devade, Paris Review 49, 1970. via Belacquashua

Artist unknown, Modern School Mathmatics, 1969. via Montague Projects

Artist unknown, Patterns of Exposition 7, c. 1980. via Montague Projects

Paul Rand, The Lost Steps, c. 1956. via Etsy

Barbara McPenkow, New Essays in Phenomenology, 1969. via Montague Projects

Robert Korn, Notes of an Apprenticeship, c. 1968. via Montague Projects

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AL said...

I really liked the idea of stripping the covers so you only can see the art.