The Art of Camille Hilaire

French artist Camille Hilaire (1916-2004) began painting and drawing at a young age, often going to the local library to "copy" the works of the old masters such as Hans Holbein and Albrecht Dürer. He received his formal training at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris as well as with André Lhote, with whom he became friends. During his award-winning career he produced a variety of works including, stained glass, mosaics, prints, tapestries and paintings. I love his post-cubist style and use of overlapping color fields. Enjoy!

Jazz, oil painting.  Enchères Biarritz, sold

Les Coulisses, oil painting. Julian Simon Fine Art, London

L'Orchestre de Jazz, oil painting. Boisgirard & Associés, at auction now.

Voilier au Port, lithograph. Galerie Passion Estampes, France

Cirque: Equilibristes, lithograph. Galerie 125

Quartet, lithograph. Rachel Davis Fine Arts, sold

Chioggia, oil painting. John Adams Fine Art

Côte d'Azur- Le Port de Nice, lithograph. Galerie 125

Orchestra, oil painting. Rago Arts, sold

La Plage - 1957, oil painting. Holz-Artles

Hilaire tapestry. via Camille Hilaire

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