Vintage Wall Art

Today I thought I would share a selection of vintage wall art pieces that I have stumbled upon in my never-ending quest for the best of vintage modernist art and design. Hope you find something that inspires you!

Greek man and woman ceramic portrait plaques, marked Indoorgres, Italy. Illegible signature. Etsy

Cubist still life ceramic bowl/plaque. via End of History store, NY

Evelyn and Jerome Ackerman, Warrior, 1957. via Converso 1stDibs, available at time of post

Ceramic dancing figures wall art by Ambacht Haalderen (AMHA), Holland, Netherlands. via Abstrafab

Woodpeckers or Peacocks?, made by Burwood Co. via eBay

Ceramic bird wall plaque by John Ffrench for Arklow Studio Pottery, Republic of Ireland. via eBay

Cubist figure relief design #120 by Giovanni for Glen Cove Sculpture Works, NY. via eBay

Musical instrument still life wall art, marked No 502, American Art Industries. via eBay

Flying geese ceramic wall plaque by Dietlinde Hein for Knapstrup, Denmark, c. 1960's. via eBay

Russian balalaika and Japanese biwa (lutes) wood carvings on velvet, artist unknown. via eBay

Cavallo, ceramic wall plaque by Hanns Welling for Ruscha, Germany, 1959.

Yemenite Singer ceramic tile plaque by Dina Original, Israel. via eBay 

Abstract aluminum and resin wall sculpture by Donald Drumm. via L.A. Modern Auctions

Ceramic bird wall plaque by Tyra Lundgren. via Bukowskis Market

Ceramic fish plaque by Taisto Kaasinen for Upsala-Ekeby, Sweden. via Bukowskis

Cello construction by Vladimir Lebedev. via

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