Vintage Modern Images: Architecture

An assortment of mid-century architectural images from various vintage publications.

Designers/Builders: Fischer & Frichtel, Barret Brae subdivision St. Louis, MO. BH&G, 1958. via NWW

Architect: Keith T. Boyington. Spokane, WA. New Homes Guide, 1963. via NWW

Architects from top: Egils Hermanovski, Rudolph A. Matern, Gilbert D. Spindel. New Homes Guide, 1963

Architect: Jerry Gropp. New Homes Guide, 1963. via NWW

Architect: Jerry Gropp. New Homes Guide, 1963. via NWW

Designer: Dean Bryant Vollendorf. New Homes Guide, 1963. via NWW 

The next 6 illustrations are from the 1968 book 151 Vacation Homes, by Richard Pollman

 Home plans by Capital Builders Inc. for Stonegate Estates, Florissant, MO. c. 1960's. via NWW

Illustrated Ranch Homes, 1961. via NWW


Ray G said...

WOW, what fantastic images Kevin.

Mid-Centuria said...

Thanks Ray- you just made it worth all the time and effort!!

osovictoria said...

Love these homes! Thanks for sharing!

Mid-Centuria said...

Hey Victoria, glad you like them and thanks for saying so!

mwin said...

I bought the lakeside cabin plan in 2007 and modified it here is what it looks like: