Vintage Album Covers: Jive Time Records

If you are a fan of vintage record cover art and aren't already aware of the Jive Time Records' album cover galleries, you are in for a treat. The covers have been separated by style into various gallery-blogs and are a fantastic source for inspiration. Below are a few of my favorites; find yours here.

 Cover by Piedra Blanca (a.k.a. Alex Steinweiss)

 Cover by George Giusti

Cover by George Maas

 Cover by Jim Flora

Cover by Saul Bass

Cover by S. Neil Fujita

 Cover by Murray Stein?

Cover by Jason Kirby

Cover design by Ken Deardoff 

Cover by Shirley Dadisman

Cover by Rudolph de Harak 

Cover by Sam Suliman 

Cover by Sam Suliman  

Cover by Sam Suliman  

Cover by Sam Suliman (this reminds me of the Equilibrium print by Heals of London)

Cover by John Vidnic

Cover by Margaret Soutendijk

Cover by Paul Bacon

Cover artist unknown 


Anonymous said...

Swell collection, great color combos and great use of white space too.
David Lee Csicsko

Scott Lindberg said...

Excellent post! We have most of these in our collection. I believe the Percussion Español Vol. 2 sleeve was designed by Murray Stein.

Mid-Centuria said...

Scott-Thanks for the info and compliment!