Movements & Themes: Calypso Wall Art

I am not sure why, but calypso dancers and musicians were a major theme for "mass produced" decorative wall art and it appears that even a few smaller studios also followed the trend. One thing that I find quite peculiar is that much of the art is very similar across manufacturers; almost as if they were knocking each other off? Some of the major players that produced these calypso-themed pieces were Sexton Metalcraft, Belart Co., Illinois Moulding Co., Turner Wall Accessories, House of Ran Su, Truart and Franklin Picture Co.

manufacturer unknown- spotted on flickr

Not sure who made these but my guess would be Truart.

 Calypso wall art by noted ceramist Maurice Chalvignac

 Craft Master Mosette

Belart Co.

Calypso Dancers and Drummer, House of Ran Su

Sexton Metalcraft

Robert Lyons calypso prints (made by Franklin Picture Co, Lambert Product or Illinois Moulding?) 

Note similarity to the Lyons prints above. Also this is the same as the Jonero print below but signed Arnez?

 I believe these were made by Illinois Moulding Co. Note how similar these also were to the Lyons prints.

 The same art as above, but without the Jonero signature


Stonecat said...

I've often wondered about the theme and attraction of these calypso wall hangers, myself. You show a couple Chalvignac pieces and these seem to go for nothing, flea market material around here, while his lamps seem to garner more interest.

Mid-Centuria said...

I like Chalvignac's wall pieces, but they hardly ever come up on ebay etc. I have seen a few of them mistakenly attributed to Harris Strong too.

Stonecat said...

I have two lamps and one giant vase/pitcher. These probably show up more than the wall pieces; fairly easy to find actually so you want to stick with the really crazy glazes and patterns. Often not marked or the tag is gone, bargains can be found. Even when identified properly, the pricing/market for Chalvignac is all over the map.