María Freire Paintings

Painter/sculptor María Freire (b. 1917) played a major role in the introduction of geometric abstract art in her home country of Uruguay. María, along with her husband, noted artist José Pedro Costigliolo (1902-1985), founded "Grupo de Arte No-Figurativo" in 1952, which promoted non-figurative art in Uruguay.

Cordoba 145. Castells

Cordoba 270. Castells

Cordoba II-572. Castells

Cordoba II-415. Castells

Cordoba, 1972. Castells

Composition 17 de Julio.  Museo Nacional de Artes Visuales

Cordoba 210. Castells

Cordoba 279. Castells

Formas.  Museo Nacional de Artes Visuales

Variante No. 15. Castells

Capricornio. Castells

Serie de los Toros. Subastas Arte & Alhajas, Ernesto A. Prilassnig

V4 Pergamón. Castells

Vibrante 28-77. Castells

Vibrante 21-77. Castells

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