José Pedro Costigliolo Paintings

Uruguayan artist José Pedro Costigliolo (1902-1985) was a pioneer of the modernist art movement in Uruguay. During his career he produced paintings in a variety of styles including Cubism, Purism and Russian Suprematism, producing both figurative and non-figurative works. In 1952 he co-founded the "Non-Figurative Art Group" in Uruguay with his artist wife Maria Freire (see my previous post on Maria's work here).

Gioconda (Mona Lisa), 1948

Abstraction (figures), 1948-63

 Abstraction (Figures), 1948

 Quijote, 1948

Dama, 1958

Composition (still life), 1949 

Abstraction (still life), 1948 

Abstraction (still life), 1948 

Abstraction (still life), 1948

Abstraction (still life), 1946

Composition, 1952

Forma, 1953

Composition in Three Colors, 1953

Composition, 1953. Gary Nader Fine Art

Cuadrados y Rectangulos No. 1025

Triangulos No. 425

Cuadrados No. 83, 1968

José Pedro Costigliolo (1902-1985)

For more imformation on Costigliolo including a brief biography, list of exhibitions and awards, click here.

All images via Castells, Uruguay, unless otherwise specified.

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