Movements & Themes: Portrait Paintings II

Today's "Movements & Themes" post features portrait paintings created by various artists in a wide range of styles. If you happened to miss my first "Movements & Themes: Portraits" post you can see it here.

Samson Flexor, O Palhaço (The clown / self portrait) via

Samson Flexor, portrait, 1947-48. Escritório de Arte, 2010

René Magritte, Self Portrait, 1923. Isy Brachot Gallery

Auguste Herbin, composition, 1931 (looks like a portrait to me). Millon & Associés, 2011

Francois Dreulle, Portrait de Gabriel Faure, 1959. Kathleen Avery Fine Art

Julio Gonzalez, Head, 1936. Hirshhorn Museum

Manuel Pailos, Mujer con Sombrero Rojo. Castells, Uruguay

Nicolay Diulgheroff, untitled portrait. Genus Bononaie

Georges Dayez, Woman and Infant, 1950-52. Stockholms Auktionsverk

Boleslas Biegas, Portrait Sphérique. Dobiaschofsky Auctions, Berne

Álvaro Apocalypse, Mulher com Máscara. Palácio dos Leiloes

Fernando Llort, Raíces Eternas.


Anonymous said...

This is a great collection, a fine set of paintings.

Anonymous said...

This is an absolutely stunning group of portraits and Calypso figures. Very inspirational. Betty