Movements & Themes: Geometric Abstracts

Today's "Movements & Themes" post features a selection of geometric abstracts from artists around the world.

Sylvère Marie, Persepolis II, 1971. Galerie Pierre François Garcier, Paris

Victor Vasarely, Quami, 1950. Christie's 

Harry Booström, Movement, 1964. Bukowskis Market, Stockholm

Jack Boyko, Composition D, 1974. Galerie Pierre François Garcier, Paris

John Ivar Berg, Composition No. 6, 1954. Galerie Bel'Art, Stockholm 

John McLaughlin, geometric composition,1948. Studio 111, Palm Springs, CA.

Léon Smets, abstract composition. Glerum Auctioneers, Netherlands

Otto Freundlich, composition, 1938. Ketterer Kunst, Germany

Roberto Crippa, Geometrico, 1950. Meeting Art, Italy

Rudolph Weisenborn, Geometric Abstraction, c. 1955. Treadway Gallery, Ohio

Seymour Fogel, untitled, 1977. Heritage Auctions, Texas 

Mario Radice, R.S. Anf 124, 1967. Dorotheum Auctions 

Wilhelmina Barns-Graham, Two Black Forms, 1953. Sotheby's 

Nicolas Carrega, abstract composition. Ader Nordmann, Paris 

Wladislaw Lopuszniak, composition, 1975. Ader Nordmann, Paris

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