Lars Gunnar Nordström Paintings

Lars Gunnar Nordström (Helsinki, 1924) is considered a pioneer of non-figurative art in Finland.  From the looks of his work, I find it no surprise that he comes from a family of architects and studied as an interior designer (1946-1949). Although his earliest paintings were Cubist, he soon began to focus on Concretism. In 1949 Lars became the first artist to hold an exhibition in Finland solely devoted to non-figurative art.

Composition, oil on board. Bukowskis

Untitled, serigraph. Bukowskis

Untitled painting, 1954. Bukowskis

Gul Och Grå Byter Plats, 1957. Bukowskis

Dimensions and Extensions, serigraph. Bukowskis

Untitled, oil on paper. Bukowskis

Untitled, serigraph. Bukowskis Market

Untitled, serigraph. Bukowskis Market

Left: Akkumulaatio, serigraph. Galleria Salmela
Right: Progressio I, serigraph. Galleria Salmela

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