Josep Renau Tile Murals

These extraordinary ceramic tile murals were created by Spanish artist Josep Renau (Valencia, Spain 1907- Berlin, Germany 1982). As a supporter of the Communist Party, Josep created many Socialist Realism works during his career including, posters, photomontages and murals. The following murals are located in East Germany where Josep lived and worked from 1958 until his death in 1982.

The below mural titled The Peaceful Uses of Energy, adorns what I believe was the former VEB wasserwirtschaft (water management) offices in Halle-Saale, Germany (I don't know German). The piece was designed by Renau and executed by Lothar Scholz in 1970. It is now protected as a cultural monument.

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Next-up, are these massive 10-story tile murals located in Halle-Neustadt, on what I believe used to be a student dormitory. These were also designed circa 1969-70 and installed by Scholz. The piece on the left is titled Der Mensch- Beherrshcer der Naturkräfte (Man- the ruler of natural forces) and the one on the right is called Einheit der Arbeiterklasse und Gründung der DDR (Unity of the working-class and founding of the GDR).

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As the son of an artist, Josep began painting at a young age.

Josep Renau Berenguer (1907-0982)

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Mural images via Martin Maleschka and Gynti; 1, 2


Anonymous said...

the top mural is: Josep Renau
Electricity Concern, Conference Building
Halle, 1971
Man Uses Atomic Energy for Peaceful Purposes

Mid-Centuria said...

Thanks for the additional info!