Dezso Korniss Paintings

Hungarian artist Dezso Korniss (1908-1984) played a major role in Hungary's avant-garde movement.

Female Head (Caterina Cornaro), 1953

Boy with Bird, 1934

Head, 1933

Construction of Head, 1945

Bug's Head, 1947

Mourning, 1944. Kieselbach Auctions

Self Portrait, 1930

Key-holder, 1949

Struggle, 1949

Angel. Kieselbach Auctions 2003

Shepherds, 1968

Motif of "Szur" II, 1972-73

Motif. Pintér Auctions 2011

Dezso Korniss (1908-1984). via

General Information:
Artist: Dezso Korniss
Nationality: Hungarian
Birth: December 1, 1908 in Beszterce, Hungary (now Bistrita, Romania)
Death: August 17, 1984 in Budapest, Hungary
Education: At age 15, studied painting and drawing at the private school of Artur Podolini-Volkmann in Budapest. From 1925-29 attended the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest.
Style Influences: Surrealism, Constructivism and imagery from local folklore

Points of Interest:
• While fighting during WWII he was captured and held as a was a prisoner of war until 1945.
• He was a member of Hungary's European School (1945-1948), which was modeled after Ecole de Paris.
• He taught at the Applied Arts College of Budapest from 1947-48; He lost his teaching position in 1949 due to the establishment of Communist rule in Hungary.
• No longer able to teach, he made his living painting puppets and advertising signs from 1949-1956.

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