Carlo Rossi Paintings

No, these paintings are not by the famous winemaker Carlo Rossi, but by the Scottish-Italian painter with the same name. Though born in Scotland, Rossi's parents were from Italy and his home-life was filled with all things Italian including language, music, food and art. These influences can be clearly seen in the subject matter and color palette of Carlo's work; still lifes depicting items from Italy such as mandolins, figs, wine and tobacco are colored by hues taken directly from the Tuscan countryside's naturally vibrant palette.

Group with Guitar and Mandolin

Abstraction, 1969

Still Life with Guitar

Still Life with Fruit Bowl, 1976.

Memorabilia, Tuscany

Vacanza Italiana

Still Life with Guitar, 1973.

Still Life with Pears, 1974


Table at Window

Towers, Castiglione, Tuscany.

Still life, c. 1958. Christie's, 2009

Still life with mandolin, 1958. Bonhams, 2005

Carlo Rossi (1921-2010)

General Information:
Artist: Eugenio Federico Carlo Rossi
Nationality: Scottish, though both parents were from Italy and upbringing was very "Italian"
Birth: February 13, 1921 in Johnstone, Renfrewshire, Scotland
Death: November 6, 2010 (age 89)
Education: Glasgow School of Art (1938-1943)
Influences: Cezanne, Georges Braque, J. D. Fergusson, Giorgio Morandi

Points of Interest:
  • He received his first commission at the age of 4; creating three drawings to advertise the Pianola in the family's Glasgow café.
  • He excelled academically, but his father refused to send him to the university as he did not want to waste Carlo's god-given talent for art.
  • He was a member of the "Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolor" (RSW) and the "Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts" (RGI)
  • His birth certificate labeled him as a female until he was 78, when he finally had it corrected.
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Images via Lemon Street Gallery, UK, unless otherwise noted.

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