The Art of Marcel Mouly

French artist Marcel Mouly (1918-2008) was known for his brightly-colored Fauvist inspired paintings and prints. His route to becoming a career artist was one of very unique circumstance; while traveling with a fellow artist to Normandy in 1942, the pair was stopped by German officials and subsequently arrested for lacking proper travel documentation. Mistaken as spies, they were sent to prison. It was during his year-long stay in solitary confinement at the Fresnes Prison that he decided to dedicate his life to creative expression.

Still Life with Two Instruments, lithograph. Passion Estampes

Guitare et Compotier à la Nappe Bleue, 1996, oil on canvas. Ro Gallery

Drinking Figures, 1952, oil on canvas. Bukowskis Market

L'Aperitif, 1952, oil on canvas. Bukowskis Market

Guitare et Compotier, lithograph. Jo-Gi Gallery

San Francisco, lithograph. Passion Estampes

Still Life with Two Apples, lithograph. Passion Estampes

Still life with pipe, lithograph. Jo-Gi Gallery

Still Life with Chair, 1996, oil on canvas. Éric Pillon Enchères

Femme Attablée, 1949, oil on canvas. Ader Nordmann, Paris

L'Atelier du Nègre, 1951, oil on canvas. Stockholms Auktionsverk

Blue Amsterdam, lithograph. Passion Estampes

Sailboats, 2006, oil on canvas. MiMo Gallery

Le Concert de Jazz, 1954, gouache and watercolor on paper. Art Curial

Jazzmen, lithograph. eBay

Fresnes Prison, France, c. 1940's, the location of Mouly's imprisonment.

Entryway to Marcel Mouly's home, Paris. via Park West Gallery.

Marcel Mouly (1918-2008)

General Information:
Artist: Marcel Mouly
Nationality: French
Birth: Paris, France on February 6, 1918
Death: Paris, France on January 7, 2008 (89 years old)
Education: 1935-1938 at the French Academies, Cours Montparnasse 80.
Influences: Cubism, Fauvism, Matisse, Braques and Picasso.

Points of Interest:
  • He was sent to his first art class as a form of punishment for mischievous behavior in grade school.
  • He dropped out of school at 13 to work, holding various positions including beach vendor, dental technician and wine delivery boy.
  • His love of boats and nautical imagery was piqued while serving in the Navy (1938-1940).
  • He became friends with famous sculptor Jacques Lipchitz after his release from prison.
  • He once said "Imagination is the queen of truth."
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