For Sale: Architect Allyn E. Morris' Home Studio

The former home-studio of California modernist architect Allyn E. Morris (1922-2009) has just been put on the market. The 1,026 square foot, 1 bedroom, 2 bath home located in Silverlake, California was built in 1958 and features some fantastic details such as bright-red steel construction, exposed brickwork and blue mosaic accents, not to mention its massive windows that look out to the San Gabriel Mountains. WOW!

Allyn E. Morris was a semi-pro boxer so it is very fitting that he was known for fighting the architectural conventions of his time; he even left his architectural studies at UC Berkeley, because he disliked their traditional approach. He eventually continued his education under noted modernist architect Calvin C. Straub (Buff, Straub & Hensman) at USC. Besides being an architect, Morris also held a degree in mechanical engineering from Stanford, which allowed him to integrate unique structural solutions into his designs.

Morris was also a bit of a philosopher; the following are quotes found on the real estate listing site.
  • Architecture should be romantic and playful, forthright and honest, without clichés and fashionable adjustments.
  • Architecture should not intimidate, embarrass, disagree or be purely whimsical or frivolous.
  • Architecture is a marriage of art and building technology.
  • Architecture is for now, learning from the past and aware of the future.
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All photos are via Crosby Doe Associates listing site.

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