The 1962 Playboy Town House

Playboy magazine ran an article titled "The Playboy Town House: Posh Plans for Exciting Urban Living" in their May 1962 issue. The fantasy bachelor pad, designed by architect R. Donald Jaye, was brought to life by Humen Ten's fantastic gouache and ink renderings; one of which was sold at Christie's in 2003 for more than $10,000!  On top of the great imagery, the article itself is very entertaining; written as a guided tour with great commentary.  The following are a few of my favorite quotes from the article.
  • As we turn our high-performance gran turismo coupe into the driveway, we point out to our comely companion the Playboy Town House's striking exterior.
  • An Ultra-urban island of individuality in a sea of look-alike multiple dwellings.
  • A modishly swinging manor for the modern man.
  • We pause at the bar for a sampling of the pre-prandial potables and some quiet conversation and continue on with lightened gate.
  • We linger awhile to let our vis-à-vis dig the vasty view.
  • We've poured a brandy nightcap from the bar concealed in the rotating headboard, propped up our pillow and push-buttoned several hours of balladry to add the proper final notes.
The following 3 videos provide a virtual fly-thru tour of the swank 1962 Playboy Town House with a bit of a humorous mystery movie twist added.

If you don't see video segment 1 above click here.

If you don't see video segment 2 above click here.

If you don't see video segment 3 above click here.

Meathaus has posted scans of the full article click here to see them.
Images via Meathaus and flickr


Anonymous said...

love this! especially the illustrations... thanks for sharing :)

Mid-Centuria said...

Hey Petra- glad you enjoyed them...your very welcome!

Nancie Mills Pipgras said...

What a hoot and what a great post. Thank you so much. I'll be posting on FB. Not certain about that meat cleaver, though!

Anonymous said...

This is the home I want to build!