Soviet Airport Mosaics

If you are ever just passing through Eastern Siberia, be sure to stop into the Ulan-Ude Airport to get an in-person look at these incredible mosaics.  I tried and tried to find out who created these murals, but had no luck. If anyone out there knows anything, please fill us in!  The only information I was able to obtain was that the terminal that houses the mosaics was completed in August of 1983, so I assume that this is when the mosaics were completed too; although they look earlier to me... who knows.

This great mosaic depicts a Soviet cosmonaut pointing the way to the restrooms!

Soviet rocket launch- there is just something about the hammer and sickle symbol that intrigues me.

Great example of using various mosaic "opus" styles to create a balance between stability and movement.

Fisherman and women; great movement or "andamento" to this mosaic.

Ulan-Ude Airport postcard, c. 1988.

Ulan-Ude Airport, 2008. via

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R. Claude said...

Mmmm... ! A very nice & lost place.
You're mid-centuria space is excellent.