Sacha Chimkevitch Jazz Prints

If you are a fan of jazz than you will most definitely dig (sorry I couldn't help it) the works of Sacha Chimkevitch (1920-2006). He successfully captured the mood of "blue notes" through the use of various color washes, which virtually enveloped the "room" and the musicians. Time to dust off those records!


Jazz Session 2

Duo sur la musique (Duet)

Jazzband Polychrome

Jazz Session


Contre Jour

La Musique Mène Les Femmes

Le Jazz

General Information:
Artist: Sacha Chimkevitch
Nationality: French - Polish (Armenian mother and Persian Polish father)
Birth: August 17, 1920 in Paris, France
Death: April 2006
Education: School of Fine Arts, Paris; Académie de la Grand Chaumière, Paris.
Subject Matter: Though he is known best for his jazz images he also created landscapes, abstracts, scenics.

Points of Interest:
• He discovered jazz in 1937 and would attend the swing clubs in Paris where he met many rising jazz stars, including Alix Combelle, Danny Polo and Stéphane Grappelli
• While a prisoner of war during WWII, he would often sneak past the guards and head to the Cafés to listen to Dutch jazz musicians perform; whom were also brave for playing jazz under the Germans' noses!
• After selling a few of his pieces in a record store in 1948, he knew he could make a living from his art.
• He created most of his work from his imagination; rarely working from photos or real life.

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If you are looking for one of his prints try eBay; there were few available at the time of this post.


Stonecat said...

Firstly, you're doing an excellent job with this site. I discovered it a few weeks ago and have been revisiting ever since.

The Chimkevitch prints are great. I love the mix of figures and abstract palette. Time to spin some Coltrane!

Mid-Centuria said...

Thanks for the kind words. Glad you like the post!

Anonymous said...

I had a dream about Sacha last night and decided to google his name to find out what happened to him. I knew him personally and own 5 of his pieces, including one dedicated to me. Since I moved to the States 23 years ago, I lost touch with him and am saddened we lost such a great man and artist. I pass his prints every day in my house where they hold a place of honor.