My Dibs: Paintings

Today I thought I would post some of my favorite paintings currently available on the 1stDibs marketplace.

Artist unknown, russian constructivist sailor portrait, c. 1910-1940. Anne Hauck Art Deco

Vicente Sandoval, harlequin boy, 1966. La Moderne

Vladimir Vasilievich Lebedev (1891-1967), cubist figure drawing. Douglas Rosin

Irene Clark, african abstract portraits, c. 1950's. Douglas Rosin

Ted Bredt, The Clansmen, 1963. Vintage à la Mode

Stanley Mitruk, Quince, 1960. Douglas Rosin

Lerche, Strings, c. 1950. Anne Hauck Art Deco

Robert Franquinet, Abstract Rouge, c. 1959. Le Trianon Gallery

MacDonald Smith, Still Life with Pomegranate, c. 1950's. Lobel Modern

John Saccaro, Prism #9, 1955. 20th Century Interiors

Sid Maurer, untitled abstract expressionist painting, c. 1960's. Irwin Feld Design

Glickman, untitled, c. 1960.  M.S. Antiques

Ricardo Santamaria, abstract relief painting, c. 1950's. Off the Wall Antiques

Meyer Tannebaum, Color Abstract #6, c. 1970.  M.S. Antiques

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