Mosaic Wall Panels

Here is a selection of mid-century mosaic wall panels that I have come across while auction-mining. Enjoy!

Brass bordered mosaic panel, 4' x 1'. via End of History

Geisha girl brass border mosaic on raffia grass ground, 52" x 19". Etsy available at time of post.

Harlequin smalti mosaic by Romanos, 31.5" x 15.75"

Faceless portrait mosaic titled Gabi, by György Hegyi, 79 x 62 cm. 

I get the feeling someone may have been inspired? The tapestry is by Ross Littell.

It is pretty obvious that the mosaic artist was inspired by the gravel art piece.

Again these look suspiciously similar. The gravel art is Craftmaster Mosette design 1395-11-X  from 1962

Bird mosaic created from Linoleum flooring

Gravel mosaic; no cording is used in the design, so I assume this is a "custom" piece and not from a kit. via

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