Mid-Century Murals

A selection of fantastic Mid-Century era ceramic relief and mosaic murals from throughout Europe. Enjoy!

Geometric mosaic tile mural in Berlin-Lichtenberg; artist unknown. Photo: Maleschka

Eduard-Gerhard-Clauß, tile mural, c. 1962; exterior of post office in Dresden. Photo: Maleschka

Horst Ring, ceramic tile mural located in a swimming hall in Forst/Lausitz, Germany. Photo: Maleschka
Detail of artist Horst Ring's mural. Photo: Maleschka

Tile mural located at the Juri Gagarin High School in Eisenhüttenstadt, Germany. Photo: Maleschka

Bird mosaic located on Karl Marx Allee in Berlin; artist unknown. Photo: Maleschka

Huge 3-story mosaic located in Munich; artist unknown. Photo Maleschka

Ortraud Lerch, dove glass mosaic mural; located on Leipziger Straße in Mitte, Berlin. Photo: Maleschka
Detail of Ortraud Lerch's dove mosaic. via

Carla Daalderop-Bruggeman, I Am the True Vine, 1959, Prince Willem Alexander School, Tiel. via

Eduard-Gerhard Clauß, Sabertooth Cat, 1963. Located in East Germany. via

Folk dancer relief mural located in Svidník, Slovakia, c. 1968; artist unknown. via

Sonja Meyer, Lamp Parade, 1975; exterior of former kindergarten in Capelle aan den IJssel, Netherlands.

Henk Tieman, ceramic totem pole, 1971, located in Tiel, Netherlands. via

Abstract stone and ceramic mural on the exterior of a sports club in De Meern, Utrecht, Netherlands. via

Daan Weijl, ceramic mosaic, c. 1950. Exterior of the Deventer Public Library, Netherlands. via


Urban Earthen said...

wow the Folk Dancers and the Lerch dove - wow. Lovely post

Nancie Mills Pipgras said...

I've tweeted this marvelous post to Mosaic Art NOW followers. That Daan Weijl is gorgeous. Thank you so much for your wonderful research and presentation.

Mid-Centuria said...

Hey Guys, I am glad you guys liked this post. As you can tell I am a big fan of mosaics and relief murals too!

jamesclonmel said...

I especially like the one in the swimming pool. Very Googlesque.

Amy@AQ-V said...

These are grand! Your site is so rich. Loved the space mosaic you recently featured as well.

Thanks for paying AQ-V a visit this week. :)

Mid-Centuria said...

Thanks Amy! Obviously it goes without saying that AQ-V is fantastic too!

Robert Barron said...

And I thought I was the only one who swooned at a lovely "moziack". Thanks so much for sharing these.