Mid-Century Album Covers

Today I thought I would share a selection of Mid-Century era album covers.

Cover by George Maas, c. 1952

This cover by Lance Stirling for World Record Club is one of my all time favorites. via Retrographica

Yeah, I know this is not from the Mid-Century, but it has a Stig lindberg "Karneval" feel. via

A fantastic Abner Graboff (1919-1986), c. 1955

Cover by Robert M. Jones (Bob Jones), c. 1955

Another cover by Robert M. Jones, c. 1954. via

Cover by Gerry Gersten (b.1927), c. 1955

Artist unknown possibly Gerry Gersten? c. 1950's

c. 1963. This cover reminds me "My Three Sons" TV show opening. via

Cover by Jim Flora (1914-1998), c. 1954

Another unmistakable Jim Flora cover, c. 1954. via

Cover by John Copeland, c. 1956-1961? via

"Not so crazy Otto"- what a kool kat...  c. 1950's. via

Cover by Erik Nitsche, c. 1953. This art looks very similar to that of B.C. Binning.

Cover by James Neil Boyle (1931-2006), c. 1962

Cover by Tonson?, c. 1961

Artist unknown


Ray G said...

Love them! great designs. Have found out more about World Record Club - will be doing a post during the week.

Mid-Centuria said...

Thanks Ray, Looking forward to your post!

Scott said...

Great post! Love it!